A Baptism in Bronxville

Nico's Baptism

It’s always exciting to do a shoot I’ve never done before – in this case it was a baptism, something I’ve never even attended. This was for baby Nico, the four-month-old son of Anne and Frank, a lovely couple who live in Bronxville, NY, just north of NYC.

The baptism was held in the beautiful St. Joseph’s church in downtown Bronxville, and afterward Anne and Frank hosted a reception at an Italian restaurant in nearby Scarsdale.

I really enjoyed capturing this event. ┬áThe priest also baptized several other babies at the same time, and it was heartwarming to see all the other babies and families together. It was an overcast day but it couldn’t dampen everyone’s happy spirit.

Congratulations Anne and Frank! Nico is blessed to have such wonderful parents and family.

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A Birth Story

This is a photo essay I shot more than 2 years ago but I wanted to share it because I’ve been missing my sister and nieces lately and looking at it again is inspiring me to shoot more, not to mention bringing back the emotions of that day.

When my sister went into labor in October 2009, I rushed down to Galveston, TX from Spring ( a 1 1/2 hour trip) on a Thursday night, around 8 p.m. Unfortunately, the next day was the most important day of the week at the newspaper I worked at; it was our production day and all my stories were due. It worked out though, I ended up finishing everything at the hospital on my laptop and e-mailing them to my editor with plenty of time before Elliot was born.

I did my best to capture the birth in a tasteful way (there’s limited blood and gore) but as realistically as possible.

— Holly D.

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