Jeremy Gold in Fort Greene

A couple weeks ago I shot some portraits of Jeremy Gold, a musician who recently moved to Brooklyn from upstate New York. We took some casual shots in Fort Greene Park, nearby streets, and inside a local bar.

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Love in the Subway: Vol. 7

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Love in the Subway: Vol. 6

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Love in the subway: Vol. 5

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Love in the Subway: Vol. 4

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Love in the Subway: Vol. 3

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Love in the Subway: Vol. 2

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Erin and Jeff: Austin, TX Wedding

In September I traveled to my home state to photograph Erin and Jeff’s wedding at the lovely Mercury Hall in Austin, TX.

It was such a beautiful evening – and special in more ways than one. Erin’s sister Janessa is married to my brother Brad, and we are both aunts to nephews Mason and Jackson.

It’s always so wonderful when you photograph an event where everyone is so joyful and warm – and especially when it’s family. I could go on and on about this wedding but I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Erin and Jeff’s wonderful friends and talented videographers also made a wedding video of the day, which I highly recommend you check out here.

Congrats to Erin and Jeff!

Holly D.

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Michelle + Patton: Outer Banks, NC

Back in August I traveled down South to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to photograph fellow New Yorkers Michelle and Patton’s beach wedding.

North Carolina has special meaning to the couple – they both attended undergrad colleges in North Carolina, before eventually meeting in New York City, where they both attended grad school at Columbia, though in different programs.

What a trip! I got to meet so many lovely people, and being in the South felt just like being home in Texas.

The stormy weather tried to get us down, but somehow the rain held off just long enough for everyone to gather on the beach and have the ceremony.

Afterwards, the lovely and fun-filled reception was held under a tent in the backyard of a beach house the couple had rented.

Congrats to a wonderful couple, Michelle and Patton!

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Franck Juste in Astoria

I recently photographed actor, sketch comedian, and personal trainer Franck Juste in the streets of Astoria and the beautiful Astoria Park.

Check out his sketch comedy group American Candy here.

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